Fermentation ???

If you are looking to increase your gut biome, then let us learn about Fermentation! 

Unlike canning, Fermenting does not take a lot of your time.  Prep is minimal and the benefits are huge! So let's take a quick look at a few of the benefits! 

1. Increase in Probiotics for the Gut Biome! Yes! 
2. Helps keep blood sugar in check. 
3. Helps to fight Obesity
4. Helps to lower the chance of High Blood Pressure
5. Helps to ward off heart disease
6. Lowers Bladder Cancer Risks
7. Ease Digestive Issues. IBS and IBD
8. Boost Brain Health
9. Lower your Pain response
10. Helps with the Oral Biome as well as your immune system

Here are a few surprising ways that you can add more fermented items to your diet and really enjoy the adventure.  

1. Store bought Ginger ale  --  Homemade Ginger Ale
2. Carbonated Fruit drinks  --  Water Kefir 
3. Store Bought Ketchup  --   Fermented Condiments
4. Canned tomatoes  --  Fermented Tomatoes

Here is our new favorite way to add more vinegar into our diet and you will not believe how good it is.  Carbonated spring water and Raspberry Vinegar.  (Not all vinegars are made equal. this is what we use)

If you are still uncertain about fermenting, make sure to check out Young Living's Daily Prebiotics and Life 9. 

YL PreBiotic Fiber helps to 
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